The walk starts in North Shields at the birthplace of local author Robert Westall and winds its way through North Shields, the Fish Quay and ends in Tynemouth taking in the sights and sounds of his much loved novels. Reading the books of local born writer Robert Westall is like taking a virtual journey through the streets, sights, smells and sounds of North Shields and Tynemouth as they were more than half a century ago. Born in North Shields in 1929, Robert Westall found fame as a writer of books such as The Machine Gunners, Fathom Five, The Promise, The Kingdom by the Sea and Falling Into Glory. Whilst primarily written for children, Westall's books also reached out to an adult audience. Much has changed in North Shields since his formative years, but the essence of the area remains. This walk takes you on a journey to many of the places which inspired him and, as you step out along the streets which follow the river down to the sea at Tynemouth, you will feel the spirits of his characters tugging at your sleeve. Fiction will merge with fact. A detailed copy of the walk is available by visiting the website.

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