Silent Disco

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This summer solstice weekend the beautiful Tyneside cove of King Edward's Bay (known locally as 'King Eddie's') will play host to the neon-lit Silent Disco party known as Silent Disco On The Beach.

This sublime seaside gathering is packed with great joy and serious larks . An 'open-music-policy' means that big-egos or too-cool-for-school types will be met with an inclusive, friendly atmosphere that caters to absolutely everyone's tastes and celebrates every kind of music and music-lover under the sun.

3 battling DJs travel across the decades to give you dancing classics and bangers from every era, whilst the bar has an emphasis on locally produced craft beers, craft cider, wine and spirits.

In addition to all this, the hugely popular festival face painters will make sure the dance floor is awash with beautiful colour.

They haven't figured out exactly how or why yet, but there's something totally unique about a silent disco that creates a liberating, intimate bubble of joy for each individual party-goer whilst also building instant alliances with friends (and strangers) who happen to be listening to the same tune as you in any given moment.

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  • 22 Jun 2024

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